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Thank you for visiting the CompGuys Tech Web! We are your instant online technical support portal. If you are tired of spending hours on the phone with an overseas technical support hotline, we can help you avoid making that call in the first place. We offer you practical tips for keeping your computer in the

How I Wrote The Ultimate Prepper E-Book

Four years ago I was a full time student at the ITT Technical Institute. It was here that I learned about computers and the information that I would need to forge a strong career in the IT industry. I was never really sure why I wanted to go into this field. I was never a

The Benefits Of IT Support For Your Business

As your business grows so will the reality that you have a lot to do in a day’s time. There are so many aspects to running a business that you will soon find that you cannot physically take care of all of them on your own. Although you may want to be able to be

Using My Green Smoke Electronic Device to Survive IT Support Duties

I’ve worked in IT support for several years. The benefits and money is very good, but I’m telling you, I’ve earned every single penny of it. If I only had to deal with the computers that have either gotten a bug or need to be replaced, I’d like my job a lot better, but I

Home Incense Helps You Find Emotional Release

Everyone has been told that they have to learn to release their emotions, but a vast majority of the general population doesn’t really understand how to go about doing so, or why it’s such an important aspect of life. If everyone was happy all the time, emotional release wouldn’t be a problem. Happiness is something

Building A New Computer Support

I have been building boat docks for 30 years. My father started the business 50 years ago and he passed it on to me. The systems that we use are all tested and perfected before we ever use them in the public. Over the years we have seen a huge change in the way that

What To Ask Computer Support

When it comes to proper computer support there are a few things that every customer needs to understand. First, every computer business is all about the same thing. They are all about making money and showing a profit. Every computer business is in the business of making money. This means that they will do whatever

Issues With IOS 7

I am an avid fan of all things Mac. I love the Apple brand and I love the ease of use that these machines offer. They are sleek, fast, smart, and they last forever. I have recently purchased a new Apple IPad and I was very impressed with the function of this machine as well.

My Most Recent Customer

I am a computer support technician. I have a very hard job. I am based in India and I am forced to answer the dumbest questions the world has ever heard. I hear them all. The most annoying questions usually come from married men that are trying to look at Internet porn without getting caught

My Issues With Computer Support

In all most ever aspect of life there is a premium that is placed on great customer service. In the hotel industry the customer support team is considered the backbone of the industry. In car sales it is mandatory that the sales team use proper customer service techniques. Customer support is all about showing the

When My Computer Crashed

I am a pastor. While there are many things and many issues that I deal with on a daily basis, computer issues are not one of my favorites. I often let other people handle any computer issues that I might have. However I was recently forced into action when there was no one around to