My Most Recent Customer

I am a computer support technician. I have a very hard job. I am based in India and I am forced to answer the dumbest questions the world has ever heard. I hear them all. The most annoying questions usually come from married men that are trying to look at Internet porn without getting caught by their wife. The answer I always give them is to stop looking at Internet porn. Of course this does nothing but anger them. I am also very accustomed to hearing the customer say that I do not speak clear English. I am sorry that I am unable to master your idiotic language. I am working 14 hours a day for 1 dollar an hour. What did you expect? Did you actually think that Apple or Microsoft where going to hire people in your own country? Why would hey do that? They can receive the same help for pennies on the dollar.

My most recent customer was a real pill. He had a computer that was not acting right. The screen was turning blue, the mouse would not work, the text could not be input. The issue was obvious. He had a serious bug that needed to be removed from the system. He promised that he had not visited any type of adult themed site, but the history on his computer told a different story. I told him that the private function on the computer did not hide the history from me, but he promised that he had no idea about the adult material. I decided to have fun with him. I asked for his email address and his wife’s email, since his computer was not working. I sent a report to his wife that showed all the sites he was visiting!