My Issues With Computer Support

In all most ever aspect of life there is a premium that is placed on great customer service. In the hotel industry the customer support team is considered the backbone of the industry. In car sales it is mandatory that the sales team use proper customer service techniques. Customer support is all about showing the customer that they are valued and treasured. However it does not seem to be that way when dealing with computers. After spending thousands of dollars on a new computer, most people are left swinging in the breeze when it comes to customer support. It is as if the business is only interested in taking your money but not your calls. Why else would the customer support staff be located out of the country? Why else would you be forced to deal with a person that does not speak your language? The answer is relatively simple.

The computer business is a very cutthroat business. The costs are very high and the profit margin is very important. This being said, the most important thing to them is making a dollar. This means that they will do whatever is needed to make as much money as possible. This is my biggest issue with the computer support teams that I have dealt with over the years. In my mind there is nothing more important than making sure that your customer is happy. I am not a happy customer. I have had to deal with the same issues for over a year and I am no longer going to take it. I for one am boycotting the computer industry. I know it wont affect them but I do not care.