When My Computer Crashed

I am a pastor. While there are many things and many issues that I deal with on a daily basis, computer issues are not one of my favorites. I often let other people handle any computer issues that I might have. However I was recently forced into action when there was no one around to help me in my hour of need. I was working on a paper for my college class and the computer decided to stop working. I did everything that I knew to do but nothing was working. I was unable to restart the machine and I was not able to get into the inner workings of the machine. I was stuck. The paper seemed lost and I was sure that I was going to be forced to buy a new computer. I decided to follow the instructions on the back of the machine. I called the customer support number and waited in line for the next available consultant.

I had no idea that I would be forced to speak with a man from India. Not only was he not from this country, which is not a big deal, but he barely spoke English at all. I was trying to tell him about the issues but he could not understand me. I could not understand what he wanted me to do either. My biggest question in all of this was why I could not speak with someone from Microsoft? Why was it impossible to speak to someone here in the states? What is all that money for? Needless to say, the computer was not fixed by me and I was forced to use the help of one of the tech members here at the church.