Issues With IOS 7

I am an avid fan of all things Mac. I love the Apple brand and I love the ease of use that these machines offer. They are sleek, fast, smart, and they last forever. I have recently purchased a new Apple IPad and I was very impressed with the function of this machine as well. I usually use the IPad for gaming. One of my favorite games on the IPad is a racing game that is based on the movie franchise known as Fast and Furious. The game is awesome. It allows me to race worldwide and it allows me to rebuild my car. I love this game. My wife says that I am addicted to the game. Anyway, a few weeks ago I was asked by my IPad to update the software. The New IOS 7 was out and it wanted to update my machine. I said yes and allowed the update to run its course. Boy am I sorry I did that.

The new IOS 7 update was a huge blunder. Now the games that I love are no longer fun to play. The action is choppy at best and the games will freeze and crash without warning. I have gone from playing this game everyday to not playing it at all. I have been very disappointed with the computer support that has been offered. I contacted Apple and they offered no solution other than telling me to play a new game. Well I wouldn’t need a new game if your software worked well. I guess this means that Apple is now in the same category as Microsoft. What a shame. I had such high hopes for Apple.