Using My Green Smoke Electronic Device to Survive IT Support Duties

I’ve worked in IT support for several years. The benefits and money is very good, but I’m telling you, I’ve earned every single penny of it. If I only had to deal with the computers that have either gotten a bug or need to be replaced, I’d like my job a lot better, but I work in a school and that means I have to deal with teachers. None of these teachers are happy when they find out their computers don’t work and many seem to think it’s my fault. The result is that I spend a great deal of time dealing with angry academic types who seem to think I should be able to just snap my fingers and restore the computer to life.

And I won’t even go into the fact that I don’t get the summers off, that all IT support staff, including the IT department have to show up for work on days when the powers that be decided it’s too dangerous for teachers and students to come in. Sometime the only thing that gets me through the day is nicotine.

Relying on nicotine while working in the school is very, very tough. Like most schools, the one where I provide IT support has strict laws regarding tobacco. Not only can it not be in the school buildings, but it also can’t be within 50 feet of the school property which means I technically can’t even have a pack of cigarettes in the glove box of my car, and I certainly can’t go out to the parking lot and smoke.

Even if I could, the smell of the smoke clinging to my clothing would be a problem. I’m pretty sure my boss would frown on any member of his IT support staff showing up smelling like cigarette smoke.

The good news is that a New York Judge Rules That Ecigarette Use Is Not Smoking. Green Smoke electronic devices have been my salvation. They provide all the nicotine I would have gotten from a traditional cigarette, but because they don’t produce any smoke, they also don’t produce any odor. I use them each time I make the ten-mile drive from home to the school and then back again, and no one knows a thing about it.

Even though I’m comfortable leaving my Green Smoke electronic device in my car while I’m inside the school performing my IT support duties, I’m not comfortable using it on school property. Technically, I don’t think I would be breaking any of the rules, but I’d probably irritate someone, so when it’s been a really long stressful day, I use my lunch break and drive around the corner and park behind the grocery store where I puff away on my Green Smoke electronic device and inhale as much nicotine as I can before I tackle the afternoon’s work.