How I Wrote The Ultimate Prepper E-Book

Four years ago I was a full time student at the ITT Technical Institute. It was here that I learned about computers and the information that I would need to forge a strong career in the IT industry. I was never really sure why I wanted to go into this field. I was never a gifted computer nerd and I was never really good at hacking. I did however have a real need to land a solid job that paid fairly well. As it would turn out this was the best way for me to go. I was able to get the training that I needed as well as the confidence I needed to push forward and make a real career for myself. However it was during my time at school that I learned just how powerful and dominant computers really are.

I realized during school that every major facet of life is controlled, in some way, by a computer. Airplanes, trains, cars, missiles, submarines, bridges, traffic lights, etc. are all controlled by computers. As time pressed onward I was becoming more and more concerned about the future of our world. It was during this time that I decided I was going to write a prepper e-book. The e-book was going to focus on the real needs of preppers and the supplies and information that they needed to have. Unlike other books I was not going to insult the reader by declaring that they needed to have food and water. These things are common sense and even the dumbest people know that they need these things.

The real crux behind my prepper e-book was going to be the medical and psychological standpoint. I wanted the world to learn about the medical capabilities that every person already has as well as the abilities they have to cope with danger and real life dangers. So what will you find in my ultimate prepper e-book? You are going to find a slew of information regarding treating wounds; sewing wounds together, and even performing minor surgeries. All of these things are possible even if you never received medical training.

You are also going to learn in my ultimate prepper e-book that your mind is the most important tool that you will utilize in an emergency situation. The first thing that most people lose in dangerous situations is their ability to think clearly and swiftly. This is because the fight or flight mechanism kicks in. However preppers know that it is during these times that we must remain calm and centered. The ultimate prepper e-book is all about thinking outside the box and embracing alternative medicines and ways of thinking. So take the time and order your copy.

After all, it will not be long before computers take over the world or, computers are used to shut the world down. Either way when the crash comes you will be forced to live life unlike you have ever done before. So take the time and read the prepper e-book and prepare you and your family for the coming issues.