The Most Annoying Blog Designs

It seems like everyone has a blog these days. I enjoy reading several of them for ideas on teaching, decorating, cooking, and gift ideas. I have a few blogs that are more personal and conversational that I am committed to reading regularly, as well. Even the most informative blogs can be immediate turn off if they are not designed well.

Backgrounds – Solid colors are typically not a problem. Some of the bright florescent ones are not my favorites, but I won’t write them off. However, if the background is bursting with swirling flamboyant designs mixed with animal prints and has a flashing graphic or text, I immediately go into eye shock. Don’t get me wrong, I love some animal prints. I believe they can even be classy but, mixing “busy” backgrounds together can be distracting and irritating. Consider your topic and the targeted viewers.

Font – The most important part of the blog is the information that it contains. Thus, it is essential that it be readable to the general population. Though some fonts are adorable, they may be difficult to read. Make sure that whatever font you choose is readable (by people other than yourself). Another factor to consider is the color of the text. Obviously, you want it to match your background in some capacity, but more importantly, you need to avoid bright blinding colors such as yellow or colors that disappear on top of the background. Just as with the background, it is important to consider who will be reading the blog when determining the proper font and color.

In conclusion, the most important thing to consider in blog design is to know your audience. If you are creating a blog about cooking, perhaps the hot pink flashing zebra print is not the best choice but—if you are writing towards an audience of 12 year old girls, you might be able to get away with it. Even then, I would still nix the flashing anything. It is just too much to take in.